Breaking Depressive Disorder- The Role Of A Patient

Breaking Depressive Disorder- The Role Of A Patient

It has been predicted that by 2020, depression will take an epidemic from around the world. If you are right now feeling the signs of depressive disorder creeping inside of you, then pauses and think about the remedy. Going to a counselor is the ultimate solution, but before that, if you wish to take a few self-measures, then it would be best. The following tips will show you how to do it.

Change your thinking pattern

Changing your thinking pattern is the first step towards self depression counselling. Don’t repeatedly ponder over a negative event that happened to you. Also segregating the world or its people into black and white is another blunder that you can commit to yourself. Try to think every entity has a gray area.

Don’t live in the past or future: start living today!

If you are depressed, then another sign of it would be- you tend to dwell on the past and the future. This is another negative pattern of thinking which needs to be broken. You have to believe in the power of now if you are planning too for self depression counselling. What had happened to you can’t be changed. What lies ahead, you have no control over it. So the best way is to take the middle path and that is- to manage your present beautifully.

Reconnect with people socially!

The depressive disorder leads to total seclusion from the outer society. During this phase, it’s really normal to feel that- nobody loves you or you don’t have a single friend on this earth. But don’t dwell on those thoughts. Instead of that, take a leap of faith and strike a chat with your next-door neighbor, the owner of your go-to grocery shop or your ex-school teacher. In this regard, social media can play a big role in shaping up your social life.

Bring routine in your life

Brining routine in your life is the best thing that you can do for yourself for lifting up depression. Those gloomy days need a structured way of life. Even without consulting with a cognitive behaviorist, you can make a routine of your own. Include the following points on your daily schedule-

• Wake up in the morning and go to bed at the same time every day.

• Have meals and exercise at the same hours daily.

• Block a particular time every day; say from 5.00 pm to 5.30 pm, to ring up at least 2 acquaintances, even if you don’t feel like talking.

In case you are too introvert by nature, you may start the habit of penning down your thoughts on a piece of paper; or bring home a cute little pet, who can turn out to be your stress buster in due course of time!