Most Influential People In Australia

Most Influential People In Australia

Influence can be good or bad, naturally, the people we associate have a certain influence on us, and therefore it is necessary to choose the right path. This does not mean that you need to disown any friends you think are a bad influence but have a strong mind to differentiate from what is good and bad and not let other people put you down and convince you that you are not capable of succeeding in whatever venture you plan on taking. 

When the surrounding is negative and the people who you associate are not helpful, people tend to look up to celebrities, whether it’s sports, the entertainment industry or even a politician. Here is a list of the top most influential people in Australia. 

Cate Blanchett 

Cate Blanchett is an actor, she is known not only for the tremendous roles she’s portrayed through the years but for the beauty in the way the roles were played.  Blanchett has taken on many roles, in which many of them are stage roles, she made her stage debut in 1992 in a play called Electra, two years later she got her first leading role on television in a mini-series called Heartland. Blanchett is said to be one of the most brilliant actors who has a high dramatic potential. She is also now a theater director. 

Blanchett herself said that when she was young she was “part extrovert”, “part wallflower”, it is said that she dressed in quite masculine clothes and went through a goth and punk phase, and also shaved her head at one point. Later, Blanchett went on to study at the University of Melbourne but dropped out after the first year to travel. Being offered a role as an extra in a movie while overseas, she came back to Sydney and enrolled herself at National Institute of Dramatic Arts to pursue a career in acting. 

Patrick White 

Patrick White was a famous literary novelist; he was regarded as one of the most recognized English-language novelists in the 20th century. It is said that White had a stream of consciousness technique when he wrote, that brought in humor, florid prose and shifting narrative vantage points. Patrick White went on to be the only person in Australia to win a Nobel Prize in Literature. 

In 1932, White attended King’s College to study French and German Literature, where he had his first love affair with another young man who had come to King’s College to become a priest. In 1935, he got a degree in Bachelor of Arts and later went on to writing several unpublished work, In 1936 he met a painter called Roy De Maistre and was thoroughly influenced by his work, leading to the release of White’s first novel that he dedicated to De Maistre. Patrick White died in 1990, his last novel was called Memoirs of Many in One. 

Georgina Rinehart 

Also known, as Gina Rinehart considered to be the chairman of Hancock Prospecting. Hancock Prospecting Group is a company which is privately owned that is in the industry exploration and minerals. The founder of the company is her father, Lang Hancock when Lang Hancock passed away, Georgina inherited 76.6 percent of the company and is currently the richest women in Australia with a net worth of $14.2 billion. 

Though Rinehart inherited 76.6 percent, it was not easy as her and her stepmother Rose Porteous had a legal fight that took 14 years to settle. Rinehart does not only have a successful company, but she makes sure to invest in other projects she believes in, in Rinehart’s website you will see the many achievements and projects she is involved in when you go through the Gina Rhinehart gallery; she is particularly interested in the development of Western Australia. And in honor of the Hancock family, the Western Australian Government named a mountain range after them.  

You do not always need other people to believe in you, all you need is to surround yourself with people who are good influences and most importantly believe in yourself.